Most people interested in pottery will tell you that McCoy Pottery is one of the best brands to go for. This this because it's one of those brands that have been around for more than a century meaning that people have had ample time to ascertain the quality of individual McCoy Pottery pieces.

The McCoy Pottery brand was started around 1910 by a small partnership consisting of Nelson McCoy, J.W. McCoy and five other initial investors. It was evidently a good time to start such a business because it started turning a profit within a relatively short time. In order to increase reach and profitability, McCoy Pottery went into partnership with other pottery businesses and formed the American Clay Products company, a move that allowed sales to increase almost exponentially up until it was liquidated in 1926.

McCoy Pottery was evidently producing high quality pottery items since demand for even more unique pieces skyrocketed causing them to buy a better kiln and hire highly skilled designers. They used these assets to produce higher quality umbrella stands, vases, jars, pitchers and various ornamental pieces that appealed to high net worth individuals. This change in business practices to specialize solely on high grade ornamental pieces also caused them to change their names from Nelson McCoy Sanitary and Stoneware Co. at the time of its inception, to Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Co. and then finally to the present name of Nelson McCoy Pottery Co.

McCoy Pottery has also been rocked by numerous adversities that have in many ways contributed to its longevity as a brand and business. One of the most crippling is the counterfeiting problem where numerous businesses have tried to create knock offs for people that cannot afford the originals. Many people have bought these counterfeits only to find out that their lifespans are not what the company touted. This has therefore caused many people to mistrust the McCoy Pottery brand with the result of decreased sales. This is a problem that McCoy is yet to completely solve since fake items like jars, mugs, ornaments etc. still sport the McCoy name. The McCoy Pottery Company has also had different owners over the years with has in many ways caused the decline of the brand as a whole. This is because new owners come with different business plans, initiate and discontinue manufacture of certain pieces etc. They have also had to deal with huge business losses such as the fire accident in 1991. All in all, the overall effect is a pottery company that's still in business even after a century in existence.

In many ways, the rich history that McCoy Pottery possesses gives it the privilege of being one of the most famous American pottery businesses. They have recently expanded into internet business by forming an online shop where people can easily obtain original pieces at a reasonable price. Needless to say, this move has helped in decreasing the counterfeiting problem. McCoy Pottery Company also holds auctions for people interested in obtaining antique pieces, therefore making the brand an investment.

In closing, McCoy Pottery is a brand that has stood the test of time, a feat that a large majority of businesses have not accomplished.