Pyrex 4 Quart Blue Cinderella Mixing Bowl - Snowflake Garland Pattern

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This 4 Quart Pyrex Cinderella blue and white snowflake garland nesting bowl is also referred to as the "winter" or the "snow flake garland" nesting bowl. This 4 Qt bowl is part of a set of four that comprises of 4 different sizes. The bowls measure 1.5 pint, 1.5qt, 2.5qt, and 4qt respectively. The smallest of the bowls is white, the next is blue, the third bowl is white and the biggest bowl is blue.

The set of Pyrex nesting bowls was introduced in the late 1950s and to date they remain some of the most fascinating vintage collectibles around. These bowls are characterized with white milk glass interiors and date patterned exteriors.

These are the perfect all-purpose bowls, each bowl features two handles which also act as pouring spouts. This makes it easy for you to conveniently pick them up when they contain hot items and execute more controlled pours.

Aside from the fascinating snow flake garland pattern these bowls can also be described as highly durable and functional in nature. These nesting bowls are "work-horse" bowls that can withstand constant abuses and pressure, they do not break easily when bumped into other kitchen wares and extreme hot or cold substances do not crack them. The most wonderful feature of all may be all the space that can be saved because these Pyrex Nesting Bowls occupy much less space in your kitchen since they can be nested inside of each other.

This is the perfect chance to get a replacement 4 Qt Cinderella Mixing Bowl for your Pyrex - Snowflake Garland set.
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