How to Spot Fake McCoy Pottery

how to spotting fake mccoy pottery
Is there anything more beautiful than a production by McCoy Pottery? Since 1910, this company has been making flawless pots, planters, jars, etc. that have delighted people of all ages. However, when you are looking to add to your McCoy collection, you want to make sure that you are getting, well, the “real McCoy!” These tips will help you differentiate real McCoy pottery from the fakes.

Keep an eye out for the logo. Most genuine McCoy products have “McCoy USA” engraved on it. Many fakes only put “McCoy” on their products. Although some fakes might have “McCoy USA” on them, many do not, and this is a very simple way to tell authentic pieces from imitations.

Look for details! McCoy Pottery is known for their attention to the little things, be it vibrant paint colors or the generous glazing. They also make their pieces very detailed. If a piece looks overly simplistic, or features thin paintwork, it is probably a fake.

Know what the real McCoy looks like. Do a little research online before buying a McCoy product, or purchase a McCoy book, where you can view all of their pottery products. Thus, when you come across a McCoy Pottery piece, you can compare it to what the real product looks like and easily detect a fake!

Look for quality. Just as McCoy is known for their details, they are also known for their excellent quality. If a piece feels strangely lightweight or flimsy, it is probably a fake. Also, if the glaze is sloppily applied, it is very probably not authentic.

Research known fakes. There are a ton of fake McCoy Pottery products out there, and a web or book search can easily show you what known fakes look like. Thus, when you are searching for your genuine McCoy piece, you can refer to the fakes to make sure that it is authentic!

These pointers will help you get started to ensure that your McCoy Pottery is 100% genuine. Use these as guidelines to make sure that you can enjoy as many AUTHENTIC McCoy products as possible! These are truly beautiful pieces that will add flavor and fun to any home or space. There is a reason that McCoy Pottery products have been popular for so long. Don’t settle for anything less than the real thing!
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