fairy sitting on skull with gears, steampunk

First, a short backgrounder about steampunk:
The steampunk 'movement' or 'subculture' took its cue from novels, comic book series, and movies that hint of anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian setting. It is an eccentric, yet interesting marriage of fiction with themes like horror and fantasy.

It’s basically speculative fiction’s younger brother—only much more hip!

Steampunk is like making your Macbook Air look like a really primitive abacus. It is Van Helsing, Hellboy, Wild Wild West, Final Fantasy 7, The Time Machine, and much more.
Steampunk is not all about movies, novels and tech gadgets. It is much more!

Steampunk Pieces as Decor
Steampunk was such a hit that it branched out to other disciplines—in this case, decor pieces.

Being a collector of interesting steampunk myself, I can vouch for their insane attention-getting qualiti