Daniel Edler Hand Blown Glass bowl orange clear beautiful

Is the art of glass making a dying business? For thousands of years master craftsmen have made beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of glass items, from decorated figurines to vases, plates and actual drinking vessels. However, as with many of our antiques and collectables the age of machinery has put a huge dent in the world of glass. Many of our glass objects today are mass produced. However there are still people who are trying to keep this artesian art alive.

Daniel Edler, now in his 60’s, is one of these people. When offered an engineering scholarship to the University of Illinois he decided instead to attend the University of Northern Iowa, where he devoted his studies to the arts. He later developed an interest in architectural history which introduced pottery into his life. He began teaching a small pottery class. He was still so intrigued with the art of glass making, that in 1968; he took his pottery students on a trip to a glassblowing studio in Rochester, M