Your home is more than just a place to rest your head at night. It is a reflection of you, a place where you can express yourself. Your tastes and flair for design can be unleashed to no end because it is your space. Home Décor and Accents can be used in every room of your home to create a comfortable and unique atmosphere that not only looks great but tells a story about who you are and what you love. Home Décor spans much more than a few pictures on the wall or throw pillows on the couch. Home Decor can really be anything that you want to display in your living space.

These display pieces fall under a wide arrangement of categories including:

  • Antiques or Vintage items - Whether it is a vintage stained glass window, an antique glass vase or an old vintage toy there are limitless options for home decor when it comes to antique or vintage items. The key is to snatch it up when you find it because you won't be able to just run to a mall and pick these items up.
  • Country & Western Decor - These items include anything related to country or western living. Some hot items in this category are Cow or Goat Yokes, Cowboy themed items, washboards, farm related items and anything else dealing with the country and western lifestyle. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.
  • Industrial, Art Deco & Steampunk - The items used in these styles of decor are a lot of the times made with metal and comprised of sharp lines, abrupt connections and dynamic interactions of motion. Vintage metal fans, adjustable metal swing arm lamps or metal napkin holders are a few examples of items that are popularly used as Home Decor items for this style.
  • Collectibles - Often collectibles are used as a main Home Decor item in someones home. When someone collects something it is usually something they are proud of so they like to display it in their home providing for great decor and wonderful c