clown boyds bear looking into a mirror before the big show

Perhaps it's their lovable expressions or their cuddly fur – whatever the reason, Boyds Bears have become iconic worldwide. After all, isn't it rare to find something that can bring delight to people of all ages?! However, when G.M. Lowenthal and his wife, Justina Unger, created The Boyds Collection Ltd., they struck gold. With their creations, they provided the world with collectibles that could be admired on a shelf, or treasured as a lovable friend. This begs the almighty question: Where would we be without Boyds Bears?

Imagine searching for the perfect gift for a dear friend, one who needs something that will put a smile on his/her face. Can you think of a better panacea than the charming presence of a Boyds Bear? Their endearing expressions make them the perfect friend who will always stick around, through thick and thin. Or, imagine a youngster on her first day of school. A Boyds Bear would make the perfect companion to give her comfort and l