Just about anyone that you ask will tell you that they have heard of Boyds Bears and for good reason; The Boyds Collection Ltd. has been in business for over 30 years! They started as a small antique shop in Boyds, Maryland (Hence the name Boyds Bears) in 1979. The founders Gary M. Lowenthal and wife Justina Unger made their first stuffed bear for their newborn son Mathew and began selling bears similar to this not too long after. These bears eventually became known as Boyds Bears. In 1993 they introduced their first resin bears and this remains to have one of their largest followings.

In 2008 the company was acquired by Enesco and is still owned and operated by them today. The company is now located in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Today their product line includes dressed and naked bears, rabbits and other animals as well as Figurines, Treasure Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, Accessories, Pottery, Home Décor Items, Toys and much more.

Many of Boyd's pieces are handmade which is one reason that Boyds Bears are so widely collected. Boyds collectors are some of the most committed collectors you will find, which is what makes the value of retired, discontinued, limited edition and special editon Boyds pieces go up in value. Many collectors will tirelessly search and pay top dollar to obtain that special piece that they need to complete a set or possibly just missed out on when it was originally released.

Aside from the Collectible aspect of Boyds items, it may be the vast amount of topics that they touch on that makes them so well known. Even if you aren’t a collector there is a good chance that you have gifted or been gifted a Boyds collectible. It is hard to think of a topic that boyds doesnt' touch on somewhere including Firefighting, Nursing, Teaching, Seasonal, Holidays, Breast Cancer, Fashion, Patriotism, Country Music and the list just continues. For this reason Boyds items are huge as Giftware and make wonderful gifts for birthday gifts, mothers day presents, wedding gifts, anniversary presents and just about any other special or not so special occasion you can think of.

Current Plush Collections:
Bubba Bears
Remember When Bears
Gardening Bears
Country Music Bears
Bears Like You
Parisian Bears
Hide N Keepers
Love Buddies Plush
Heirloom Collection
Fashion Families
Bears From The Heart
Special Edition Plush

Current Figurine Collections:
Gardening Bearstones
Country Music Bearstones
Parisian Bearstones
Natures Woodland Fairies
Charming Angels Collection
Treasure Box Collection
Moose Troop Collection
Boyds by Jim Shore