Is Fenton Art Glass Company Out of Business?

fenton vase green with flowers on it
Since 1905, Fenton Art Glass Company has created truly remarkable pieces for your home. From vases to bowls to figurines, Fenton's works are defined by their unique design and unparalleled craftsmanship. You may, however, find yourself wondering: almost one hundred years since its establishment, is Fenton Art Glass Company still in business?

The answer is not as straightforward as it might seem. In 2007, after over a century of quality glass making, Fenton Art Glass announced that they would close their doors. By the end of that year, however, due to a huge increase in sales, they decided to try again. After their revitalization, Fenton decided that they would continue to stay in business.

In 2011, however, Fenton once again had sad news to share with their biggest fans. Due to ongoing financial problems, they had to lay off many of their employees, and at last they were forced to announce the closure of Fenton Art Glass’s traditional glass products. However, the Fenton Gift Shop, which was the primary retailer of Fenton Art Glass, remained in business. Although the two groups were technically different companies, they were both located in the same area in Williamstown, West Virginia. The Fenton Gift Shop vowed to sell the remaining traditional glass products on their website.

And yet – hope was not lost! Early in 2012, U.S. Glass entered the scene. They decided to reclaim Fenton Art Glass, and resume production of glass products in their historically significant factory. Their theory is to revitalize Fenton Art Glass, and add a touch of modernity while maintaining their traditional techniques. Fenton is so special because of their enduring history in the glass making world – and, consequently, their knowledge of how to make quality products in their factory. By refreshing Fenton Art Glass’s image, U.S. Glass has high hopes that they will be able to bring the traditional company back into the limelight.

No home is complete without a Fenton Art Glass product – their dazzling designs and bright colors delight people of all ages! Thanks to U.S. Glass’s plan, we can still enjoy glass products that have the same unparalleled quality that we expect from Fenton Art Glass: and they will be made in the historical Williamstown factory, no less! Now, you can fill your home with Fenton's traditional products as well as their new creations! One thing is for certain – there is simply no glass product like a Fenton Art Glass piece!
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