Men need a spot where they can get away from everything else and just be a man. Although the term "Man Cave" is relatively new, the actual concept has been around for decades. Most guys have memories of their Dad’s sneaking away to the garage to tinker with things while listening to music or for those lucky enough put the game on the T.V. and maybe throw back a couple of beers. Man Caves are becoming more and more popular and have moved their way from the garage to inside the home. These spaces need to feel like a man’s domain and to achieve that feel they must be decked out with manly items.

This room is a hobby / rest / recreation room that gives you privacy when you want it as well as a venue where you can spend good times with your buddies. Man Caves are most often made to feel like a home sports bar or club. They absolutely must have a TV, some kind of music and usually some form of recreational gaming such as a Dartboard, Pool Table, Foosball Table or Poker Table. The nice thing about a Man Cave is that it doesn’t have to be completed at once; it is your space that you can grow into and decorate / add onto as time passes.

Achieving The Look:
One way of transforming a normal room’s look into a look of a man cave is through wall decor. Signs, Posters, Pictures, Mirrors and many other wall decor items can help you achieve the look and feel of a true Man Cave.

Here Are Some Specific Examples Of Man Cave Wall Decor:
Signage – Signs are some of the most popular Man Cave items available. From funny sayings to your favorite spots team there is bound to be a sign that appeals to you. Wooden signs are a relatively cheap way to bring your room up to Man Cave Status. From a sign hung outside the door letting one know that they are entering the domain of a man cave, to a customized sign for your favorite sports team (Ohio State), there are endless options. For an example of the vast amount of choices of man cave signs.

Advertising or Commercial signs add a neat twist to the feel of a Guy’s room as well. Something like this Coke Sign 0r this FedEx sign add that cool factor that will make your buddies ask "Hey man, where did you get that".

Mirrors – Decorated mirrors can instantly add the feeling of a home bar. Most Beer or Soda companies produce mirrors that are made for establishments to display and promote their products. These signs are an ultimate addition to a Man Cave. Some examples of some cool mirrors is this Budweiser Clydesdale Mirror or this Pepsi Cola mirror.

Wall Clocks - Accentuate your wall with a man style clock, something unique. If you love the classic look, then an item like this Vintage Coke Clock will do the job. Like mirrors most Beer or Soda companies make these items to be displayed in bats and eating establishments so if you keep your eyes open you may luck across one for sale.

Home Bar Functional / Decorative Pieces:
So your Man Cave may or may not involve the partaking of alcohol, this is your choice. If it does you are definitely going to want to add some of the following items. Alcohol Storage – You will most likely want some kind of refrigerator whether it be a full size or mini fridge. A cooler can even work if you don’t have access to a fridge. If you are going to have wine you will want a rack to store it in. This wine wall rack is a pretty neat piece that also saves space. Decanters are a great way to store and display your liquors while adding a bit of class to your home bar. Shot Glasses are a must for the times you are with the guys watching a game or playing cards. A great idea for storing your shot glasses while adding to the look and feel of the environment is through items like this Cactus Double Shot Glass Holder! This decorative piece features a cactus dressed in colorful poncho and sombrero for an authentic Mexican appeal that is worthy of a fine bottle of Tequila. You can drink up in style with this awesome man cave add-on! Beverage Sets - If you are going to be inviting friends over for a night of fun, then don’t forget to have some sort of beverage set that includes at least a pitcher and drinking glass. Some great examples would be this Vintage Pepsi Cola set, Coca Cola Set or this McCoy Buccaneer set. This will make sure you can enjoy some beverages with your closest pals.

Just remember a Man Cave is a work in progress, you don’t have to have it full blown decorated right away. In most cases you will just accumulate the right kind of stuff as time passes. Just remember to keep your eye open. At the end of the day, the time and money that you will devote to spicing up your man cave will surely make it a much more fun, enjoyable, and comfortable place for you to spend time alone or with your closest friends - benefits that are definitely priceless.