We have a fun and relatively easy DIY crafting project for you. We are going to show you how to make decorative plates that look great on a plate stand or hanging on the wall. For this example we are going to create Monogrammed Plates but you can obviously take this idea and create whatever masterpiece you desire!

First thing first, find a plate that has the look you desire. Do you want a stark white base with no frills, like we chose for this example or do you want to add your own personal touch to a plate that already has a pattern? Do you want a plain round plate or square plate, a scalloped edge, raised edge or straight edge? There is a lot of fun in choosing the plates you decide to decorate.

After you have chosen your plate the next step is to choose a stencil that you would like to use. Stencils can be picked up for cheap and give people like me who have no free hand ability the option to still be artistic :). When you have picked your stencil it is good to use a measuring tape and mark the center location of the plate with a colored pencil so that you have a point of reference for your stencil. Then simply place your stencil on the plate (you can tape it in place using masking tape if you choose) and trace out the stencil with a colored pencil. We use a colored pencil first because it will wipe off if you make a mistake or the stencil doesn't line up in the way you desire.

When your stencil has been traced the next step is to color it in with a Permanent Marker. There are many types and colors of permanent markers so you have the option for some creativity in color here. Use your permanent markers to fill in the traced stencil and you are almost done!

The next step is to bake your plate in the oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This will bake the permanent marker onto the plate, making it even more permanent :). I know, I know, how do you make something more permanent.

The last step is to choose how you want to display your plate. In a nice plate holder on the mantel, on your kitchen counter top, or maybe on the wall??? No matter where you display it, you will be sure to get compliments on your beautiful custom plate!

*** Although the marker is permanent do not eat off of these plates, they are for decoration only!