Maybe they acquire one or two as a gift, maybe they randomly purchase one or two for fun or maybe they just see all of their friends and peers wearing beautiful beaded bracelets and then they become interested. Bead collecting acts as a dual purpose. First of all, with the variety of beads available, they can really bring out your individualism and secondly, they act as a fashion statement, highlighting your favorite outfit.

Fenton Art Glass beads are a great way to show your unique style. With the variety of beautiful art glass themes and patterns, there are plenty of beads for every individual. So if you are a teacher, you may choose the Bookworm Boogie, the Teachers Rock, or the Sweet Melody bead. Each of these beads are themed around reading, learning or teaching. Maybe you have an Irish background, then the WEE Bit Irish bead would be the perfect one for you...Animal lovers…what better way to show you true love for animals than with the Muttley bead featuring a detailed black dog sitting on a red heart painted on a Milk Glass Bead. Fenton beads themed around many of the holidays are available as well. Use your Fenton Bead collection as a fashion statement. With the brilliant colors and styles available, these beads can complement or highlight any outfit. You can interchange your beads to match your every style.

Fenton Beads come in many shapes, sizes and colors. There is the common round bead which is approximately 9/16” in diameter. You may also like the "Impression" beads which measure 1.26” long, or maybe you would prefer the "Cornerstone" beads which are .76" long. Being the only bead maker using high-fired enamel paints, the Fenton color line is just amazing. The bright unique glass colors, and gorgeous hues, will make your collection really stand out.

Bead Collecting can be a very fun hobby. Why not start or continue your collection today!