black mccoy cookie jar

Any antique dealer will tell you that collecting is one of the most rewarding professions. Collecting provides a unique combination of excitement and challenge meaning that anyone can derive enjoyment from it. That being said, the following are the main reasons why collectors like myself prefer McCoy Pottery over all other brands.

  • Quality
    McCoy Pottery tends to be of very high quality meaning that a collector does not have to worry about buying counterfeit pieces. It is very easy for an experienced collector to find out whether or not a piece is counterfeit but going for a company known for selling quality real McCoy products significantly reduces the risk of being scammed. This therefore helps collectors like myself look for interesting pieces with greater ease. The high quality of McCoy Pottery also allows collectors to use McCoy Pottery as investment vehicles, some of which can be very valuable.
  • Historical purposes
    There are some collectors that like chronicling a company’s history in a bid to increase their knowledge on a certain subject. Buying McCoy Pottery items is therefore a very good way to track the company’s history through the decades. I have found that it is easier to form a mental image if visual aids are used. For instance, if you are looking to understand how the various ownership changes of McCoy Pottery affected the design of individual pieces, start buying a few pieces from the various time periods. Fortunately, the McCoy Pottery company has a rich history allowing anyone to start a collection of their pottery with relatively little hassle.
  • Aesthetic appeal
    I find that most collectors tend to think of their collections as aesthetically pleasing. This makes McCoy Pottery uniquely suited as a collector’s brand because each piece is built to be completely unique. For instance, looking though the McCoy Pottery Jardinière selection will provide more than enough options for any collector to select those that balance affordability and beauty. It should be added that the unique design of McCoy Pottery pieces is one of the main reasons why the brand has survived for so long and is still preferred by affluent people.
  • Entertainment purposes
    From personal experience, collecting is a very pleasurable activity making it perfect as an affordable way to relax. All that’s needed for this is a way to interact with other McCoy Pottery collectors, the internet being the most common venue. You can then develop relationships with other like-minded collectors from all over the world as your collection grows. You’ll also get opportunities to visit places you would otherwise not have visited e.g. when trading pieces with other collectors etc. Collecting McCoy Pottery for entertainment purposes also keeps you from overspending, a benefit that is not seen in most leisure activities.

There are many other reasons why collectors like myself work on their collections for a lifetime. All in all, buying McCoy Pottery is usually very rewarding for people who stick with it for the long haul.