There are many pottery brands in the current market but one of the most reputable and famous is McCoy Pottery. There are many reasons why people for the past century have been gravitating for this particular brand over many others. Some of the reasons that have helped in the proliferation of McCoy Pottery as an investment and ornament include:

  • Variety
    McCoy Pottery provides a variety of items for anyone looking for high quality pottery pieces. Browsing through online stores shows that they have a wide range of high quality cookie jars, bushel baskets, mugs, flower pots and other ornamental pieces. This therefore means that you can easily find original items that perfectly suite your tastes and preferences. McCoy Pottery also has an online shop that makes it incredibly easy to buy and take delivery of any item. Using this online option will provide you with peace of mind since you can be sure that you are not buying counterfeited products.
  • Reputation
    You should always find out the reputation of a company before buying any of its products. Looking at the reputation of McCoy Pottery shows that it is one of the few pottery companies that you should buy from. They have a reputation of consistently creating and selling high quality and unique pottery pieces for more than a hundred years. The few major blights to the positive reputation they enjoy are from counterfeiters that make low quality knock offs which cause people to have misconceptions about the company and from ownership changes. Fortunately, all the challenges they have gone through have not caused them to compromise on quality meaning that their customer base has been steadily growing.
  • Investment opportunity
    McCoy Pottery can serve as very good investments for people with a propensity to collect things. You could look for and buy rare McCoy pottery pieces, wait for their prices to go up and then sell them to antique dealers. The beauty of this pottery as an investment is that you do not need a lot of capital to buy into. All that’s needed is an internet connection to find out which McCoy pottery pieces collectors are looking for. You can then use sites like TGLDirect to get great pricing on McCoy pottery pieces. Collecting these pottery pieces as investment vehicles can also double up as a hobby therefore making your life more rewarding without having to spend so much money on leisure activities.
  • Interior design
    One of the best ways to make living spaces more livable is by adding unique ornamental pieces. McCoy pottery pieces are the best ornaments to go for because they allow anyone to add a unique look to any living space with ease. For instance, a person looking to provide different hotel rooms with unique themes will find McCoy pottery to be of invaluable important e.g. The Muller McCoy Jardinière for a green themed room. These high quality McCoy pieces are also very affordable in price allowing anyone to customize a living space without large financial investments.

In a nutshell, McCoy pottery is the brand to go for if you need to find ways to blend usability, quality and affordability in pottery pieces.