There are many types of soups and many ways to serve soups. You may not be aware of your options when it comes to serving soup so we thought we would point out a couple and give you a quick description of each.

Rimmed Soup Bowl – A bowl that is medium to large in size (7 – 9 inches). These bowls are used for serving soups and have a rim that is often used for setting crackers on.

Coupe Soup Bowl – These can range in size from small to large. The smaller versions are usually deep while the larger versions are usually shallow. These bowls do not have rims and may be presented on an underplate where crackers are usually placed.

Soup Plate – A deep plate with a concave center and wide rim used for serving soups. The rim is often used to place crackers.

Soup Mug – An oversized mug that is used to serve hot drinks and soups. These are informal pieces but are nice for thin soups that can easily be drank.