Here are 5 Techniques For Identifying Lead Crystal. These tips are not a guaranteed way to identify Lead Crystal like having it analyzed in a lab (which most of us are not going to do) but are solid ways to be pretty sure. These are easy techniques that can be used to identify Lead Crystal while at a an antique shop, flea market or yard sale. When these 5 techniques are used together they will help you easily eliminate non lead crystal items and be very confident in identifying items that are.

1.Check The Weight
 Check the weight of your item in question. Most crystal items are much heavier than regular glass. Lead Crystal contains a certain amount of lead with the standard varying depending on the country it was created in. Despite the varying standard, anything with lead in it is going to be heavier. It helps to keep a glass piece around so that you can compare it's weight with the item in question while keeping in mind their relative sizes. As you become more familiar with the process you will get a better idea of how weights coincide with the items you are testing. This is not a guaranteed way to identify crystal but it is a very solid starting point and is a great initial test when you are browsing a shop.
2.Tone Testing
 Crystal made with lead has a distinct resonating ring to it when struck with a metal utensil such as a knife or fork. This tone usually lasts longer depending on the amount of lead in the crystal so it can eve