what flea bite looks like on glass

We have mentioned "Flea Bites" in the description of several of our glass and pottery pieces. Now doesn't that seem like a nasty thing to have a "Flea Bite" on your china or pottery?

Well let me put your mind at ease. A "Flea Bite" on an item is just a minute chip or crack as small as the bite of a flea. Why we use this awful term is beyond me.

But rest assured, if your piece has a "Flea Bite" it is not necessarily a bad thing.

"Flea Bites" are usually on the bottom of an item or the rim. They can go undetected and some can't even be seen unless you are looking through a microscope. Imagine how small a flea bite would be and that's the size of your flaw.

You do have to be dealing with a reputable person, because some people are calling regular chips and dents Flea Bites, so Buyer Beware, know who you're buying from or dealing with.