5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Collecting

Here is a List of 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Collecting. We have also provided some good guidelines to follow when starting your collection.

1. Think about your interests. What things do you enjoy doing?
  If you are starting a collection, you obviously want it to be enjoyable. So ask yourself, what do I enjoy doing. Reflect on that for a moment, most likely you will be able to find something to collect that ties in with something you enjoy
2. Do you know anyone else that collects?
  If you have any friends or acquaintances that collect, maybe they collect something that you would enjoy. They could also offer guidance and possibly help you start off your collection by selling you items that they have multiples of. It also makes collecting so much more fun when you have someone to discuss your hobby with.
3. What is your monthly allowance?
  Consider what you have to spend before starting your collection, obviously if you have a limited budget you will want to collect something that is in your price range. You can start a collection on any budget (even $0.00), but it's just nice to consider what your budget is before you begin. Try to stay with your budget, you don't want your hobby to become a financial burden.
4. Do you have storage for your collection?
  Storage is a very important topic to consider before starting your collection. Depending on what you collect, it could require anywhere from a shoe box, to a shelf, to a room, to a garage. It's nice to know that you have the storage area for what you are going to collect however, that being said I know many people who have started collecting and have later built storage or made other accommodations.
5. Is this collection for pleasure or to financial gain?
  Collecting is almost always tied to pleasure in some way but sometimes people want to also collect something that will increase in value. If you want something that is going to increase in value, it is good to do some research on your item first. Research can tell you a lot but in collecting you just never know for sure how an item is going to increase or even hold it's value over time. If you are trying to gain financially then you may want to avoid fad items that don't have a strong history or background. Does anyone remember how crazy beanie babies were when they were first released, some would sell for hundreds of dollars and now they are basically more bean bag toys than collectibles.
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