Collecting can be a great hobby, as well as a lucrative investment. People collect all kinds of things including advertising items, stamps, coins, dolls, teddy bears, art glass, art pottery, figurines, antiques, vintage items and memorabilia. Some collect for the sheer pleasure it gives them, while others hope to increase their net worth over time. For instance, anything antique or vintage and items that are no longer circulated like coins and stamps can become quite valuable over time, especially rare ones. As the law of supply and demand states, the rarer an item is the higher the value rises. The value of these collector’s items will also largely depend on their condition; many items that have never been out of the package or box are usually worth more than items that have been used or unpacked.

There are few name brands that stand out above the rest and have created a following among collectors that is extra special. Brand names like Boyds Bears, Coca Cola (