Stemware is a term you have probably heard but maybe you don't completely know what it means. When you here stemware you may automatically think of wine glasses but stemware is not limited to just wine glasses. So what is Stemware exactly?

Stemware is a general term used to reference drinkware that has some form of a stem (from which the name comes) and stands on a footed base. So stemware isn't just barware like Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes but it includes Water Goblets, Iced Tea Glasses and any type of glass that has a stem.

Stem styles vary in length and girth as well as shape and style. There are so many variations of stems in the world that some people just collect pieces of stemware for there different looks. Some stems are simple and round while others are multiple sided. Some are smooth while others have cut designs or features such as balls or cubes added in to give the stem a unique look.

Stems add an elegant look and feel to glassware and drinkware. There is just something about holding a glass by the stem or cupping the glass in your hand with the stem between your fingers that makes you feel more sophisticated.