In the crystal and glass world a compote is usually referred to as a serving dish that was made to serve the culinary dish called compote. This culinary dish originates before the 18th century in France and it basically consist of a mixture of fruits with sugar syrup combined with items like nuts, cinnamon sticks, cloves and other items of the sort.
Compote Dishes are usually found made of glass but can be made of porcelain and metal as well. Compotes usually have a build that features a footed base with a stem that leads up to a bowl.

The compote isn’t an overly popular food choice in America today, so what makes it’s serving dish counterpart so collectible? For many, many decades, high end and collectible glass companies have made their variations of compotes in many, many different patterns. Companies like Fenton, Indiana Glass, Westmoreland Glass, Anchor Hocking, Smith Glass, Colony and many more have put their gorgeous spin on compo