When you hear the word replacements it could pretty much mean anything. Something that replaces something that you already own. But in most cases and with TGL Direct the word replacements is used to reference Replacement China and Crystal - Dinnerware or Tableware. Replacement China & Crystal are very popular because they enable one to keep a Dinnerware or Tableware set in use while at the same time saving money.

Many families have a china or crystal set that has been passed down through the ages  from mothers to daughters for generations. Through the years pieces are bound to get chipped or broken but this doesn't mean the set has to be thrown out. Replacement pieces makes it possible for you to simply replace the piece that were damaged and keep your heirloom china set around to pass down to the next generation. Some sets are easier to find pieces for than others but even if you have to search a little bit the value in keeping a tradition alive makes